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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Love And Louis XIV: The Women In The Life Of The Sun King

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1926 – Stop Useless Struggling coil nation
“Ms. Qin, avoid battling. It’s worthless. Manager Fu as well as cops is going to be in this article in a while,” sneered Gu Ning.
“You have no straight to pin the blame on me for this. I have done it for you!” Qin Qianhui became unreasonable because of Qin Qianhai, therefore it loaded her with anger when Qin Qianhai looked to fault her.
“Ms. Qin, avoid having difficulties. It is ineffective. Director Fu along with the law enforcement officials will probably be listed here for a while,” sneered Gu Ning.
“You…” Qin Qianhui was mad. Instantly, she didn’t determine what to say.
It wasn’t entirely Qin Qianhai’s mistake, since she also wanted to wed Fu Yanming once more to have a wealthy life. After all, even if Fu Yanming wasn’t a employer now, he was the general administrator of a large company, so he still produced a small fortune.
“Help! This female desires to take my youngster. Please assist me to!” Qin Qianhui instantly shouted, plus some people who occurred to remain the parking lot surrounded her right away. Qin Qianhui designed to take advantage of their kindness to acquire her child back again.
“You’ve already divorced Director Fu and severed the mom-youngster loved ones.h.i.+p with Fu Yihao. The Fu family’s matters aren’t your family occasion any more. Moreover, Supervisor Fu is my subordinate. As his manager, I’m within a stronger position than you to handle this issue,” Gu Ning explained sarcastically.
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Right at this moment, they heard sirens wailing. Qin Qianhui’s and Qin Qianhai’s faces switched pale right away.
Qin Qianhui’s outcome also turned out to be the truth, so that the guys changed to see her with disdain. They had been displeased as well, because this lady just made use of their goodness!
“Of course, I am also an outsider, so let’s wait around for Administrator Fu to visit go over it then! Never even aim to try to escape, because you’ve already devoted the criminal activity of kidnapping,” mentioned Gu Ning.
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Staring at Gu Ning, Fu Yihao round his vision in impact.
“Ms. Qin, we can have a speak when Director Fu is here,” mentioned Gu Ning, coldly taking a look at Qin Qianhui.
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Though they listened to Qin Qianhui claim that another person was robbing her of her baby, they didn’t feel Gu Ning was accomplishing that! The child was hiding behind Gu Ning in fact. He wasn’t captured by Gu Ning.
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This lady has to be freezing-blooded to breakup her husband and perhaps warning sign an agreement to sever the loved ones.h.i.+p together baby.
“What occured?” expected numerous men who went more than after listening to the shout.
Most guys possessed a aspiration in becoming a hero. When Fu Yihao noticed a real knowledgeable and strong girl, he naturally adored her.
Gu Ning rushed in excess of and captured Qin Qianhui and Qin Qianhai in some just a few seconds, which astonished the gentlemen. She was as formidable as Qin Qianhui explained.
“You…” Qin Qianhui was loaded with frustration, but tend to do nothing at all about it, due to the fact she couldn’t eliminate Gu Ning.
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“Of study course, I’m also an outsider, so let’s watch for Supervisor Fu to visit discuss it then! Do not even make an attempt to try to escape, simply because you’ve already committed the crime of kidnapping,” explained Gu Ning.
It wouldn’t transpire, simply because Gu Ning wouldn’t let her go unless Fu Yanming came.
A thought dawned on Qin Qianhui, and she immediately happened to run for the entry of the escalator.
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A perception dawned on Qin Qianhui, and she immediately ran for the entrance of your elevator.
Qin Qianhui’s impulse also proved the fact, so the gents changed to consider her with disdain. These folks were displeased likewise, simply because this girl just utilized their goodness!
“You…” Qin Qianhui was annoyed. If Fu Yihao wasn’t in their own palms, she wouldn’t have the ability to endanger Fu Yanming into remarrying her after he came.
At this time, Qin Qianhai already bought returning to his legs, though the discomfort the result of the large kick in his stomach manufactured him incapable of fully get up, so he protected his abdomen along with his arms.
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“You…” Qin Qianhui was mad. Out of the blue, she didn’t really know what to express.
“Of study course, I am also an outsider, so let’s look forward to Supervisor Fu to visit speak about it then! Never even attempt to run away, because you’ve already dedicated the crime of kidnapping,” claimed Gu Ning.
Gu Ning sneered and stated, “Everyone, this boy or girl is actually hers, but she has divorced the child’s father and signed a contract to sever her associations.h.i.+p using the kid. Now she actually is looking to threaten her ex-partner into marrying her just as before by kidnapping his child…”
“You have zero straight to pin the blame on me for doing it. I did it for you!” Qin Qianhui became silly as a result of Qin Qianhai, as a result it stuffed her with frustration when Qin Qianhai looked to pin the blame on her.
Experiencing Fu Yihao standing just there, Qin Qianhui acquired angrier. “Yihao, do you desire to help this woman to injured mommy?”

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