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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 451 incompetent fat
Hao Ren entered into a puddle .
Pittpatter… It started to drizzle outside the cla.s.sroom .
“Appreciate it! Uncle!” Xie Yujia have out of your car and noticed slightly uncomfortable .
“Emerging, Grandma!”
“Thanks, Grandma!” Xie Yujia along with the other three young girls said concurrently .
“Oh yeah! It’s nothing like that,” Hao Ren clarified hurriedly .
Hao Zhonghua started his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yang’s Ford .
He just couldn’t see why Zhao Yanzi, who acquired gotten to Zhen-point and so was said to be a proficient woman, might be so bad in her research projects . He attributed it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses .
It did actually have almost nothing regarding the expression . The intelligence group from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine had distribute to spots above 5th Heaven, as well as its skill in gathering details was unparalleled .
“Really good, Grandma!” Zhao Yanzi clarified before the many others .
“Oh yeah! It’s not like that,” Hao Ren addressed hurriedly .
“Women, dinner is prepared!”
He glanced inside the rear-view reflect on his part and couldn’t see Yue Yang’s Ford any further .
Shoulder blades to shoulder blades, they went toward School Setting up C with thoughts weighing on the mind, but neither of them want to promote their opinions with each other .
It was subsequently evident to Hao Ren that his moms and dads were within a frosty battle .
Young ladies, evening meal is ready! Granny referred to as right out of the living room . Emerging, Grandmother! In the bedrooms downstairs and upstairs, Lu Linlin, Lu Lili, Xie Yujia, and Zhao Yanzi arrived almost at the same time . In their ap.r.o.n, Grandmother couldnt cease smiling . Zhen Congming yawned while he walked from his area with Minimal White using him tightly . Hao Ren walked downstairs coming from the 2nd flooring putting on a quick-sleeved s.h.i.+rt . Arrive and feed on zongzi! Granny driven the women to your dinner table and placed chopsticks before them . Appreciate it, Granny! Xie Yujia plus the other three women stated simultaneously . The tooth fillings are duck egg cell and unique pork . All of you will need to eat out at lowest two zongzi, or youll get feeling hungry! Granny smiled and inquired, How ended up your sleeps yesterday? Top notch, Granny! Zhao Yanzi resolved ahead of the other people . That is decent! Grandma nodded with fulfillment . Ren, you are a young person and should try to eat three a minimum of three zongzi! Ok… Hao Ren sat at the table and sighed helplessly when he spotted how the zongzi were as large as fists . Little Whitened, are available! You eat a zongzi as well! Grandma position a little dish on the ground and unwrapped a tiny zongzi before putting it in the pan . Little White-colored sniffed at it and decided so it didnt would like to take in it . This puppy dog is particular . Granny patted Minimal Whites mind carefully . Very little Bright white, be great! Xie Yujia urged . Reluctantly, Minor White decreased its top of your head and began to nibble with the zongzi . If this was halfway throughout the dumpling, it identified something different aside from meat! It was an Essence Combination Dietary supplement! It turned out a variety of elixir product which had been most installing for spirit beasts as it could enhance the spirit beasts physique and boost their improvement . Exhilarated, Minor Whites view lit up and swallowed the remainder of the zongzi . It checked up at Grandmother expectantly, longing for another one . Having said that, Grandma called out, Zhonghua, Yue Yang, generate the kids to university! Hao Zhonghua and Yue Yang every drove a white-colored Ford on the gate of the house, beckoning their way . Thanks, Auntie! Lu Linlin and Lu Lili went over and obtained in Yue Yangs car or truck ahead of the others . Auntie! Zhao Yanzi jumped into Yue Yangs car . Obviously, Yue Yang enjoyed her in excess of Hao Zhonghua . Xie Yujia served Grandmother to clean out up before taking walks out and becoming into Hao Zhonghuas vehicle . Hao Ren followed her into the automobile likewise . Stretching, Zhen Congming also got into Hao Zhonghuas automobile . Yue Yang got a new new white colored Ford . With four people in the household, 1 vehicle were sufficient for the children . However, with the enhance in the temporary and permanent inhabitants located in their home, a single motor vehicle could not any longer meet the needs with the household . Resulting from yesterdays rainfall, the road was slick, as well as the Ford operated by Yue Yang, who was not really extremely good vehicle driver, was immediately left behind by Hao Zhonghuas Ford . Yesterday, I had a smallish issue with the mother, Hao Zhonghua explained when he drove your vehicle . Huh? Hao Ren transformed to see Hao Zhonghua . In excess of some minimal items . Hao Zhonghua shook his go and viewed Xie Yujia who was placed in the rear chair from the back end-view vanity mirror . Yujia, are you planning to the You . S . for those the summer months break? Ah? Taken aback, Xie Yujia nodded . Erm… Im required to go to my parents during the You . S . Hao Ren considered look back at Xie Yujia, but he remained calm . Xie Yujia missed her moms and dads on the U . S . , and it was all natural on her behalf to keep them provider during the summer months trip . Ren, do you need to choose Yujia? Hao Zhonghua questioned instantly . Ugh? Hao Ren checked out Hao Zhonghua in shock . Yujias families looked after you once you had been small, and so they hoped that you could check out them within the U . S . , Hao Zhonghua ongoing . Oh… Hao Ren hesitated . Arent Yujias parents very active making use of their online business? Their factories recruited quite a few supervisors . Apart from, their company is usually slow-moving in July and August, and are generally not hectic for the reason that timeframe, Hao Zhonghua explained . Ability to hear his fathers thoughts, Hao Ren switched to think about Xie Yujia and nodded . Ok . Ill go and check out them . Ok… Hao Zhonghua nodded with full satisfaction . Unwell take some days off and go along with you . Isnt Mother planning? Hao Ren expected promptly . She… Hao Zhonghua tightened his traction over the controls and said, She will be occupied, and so i dont imagine she could have any time off once the finish of June . Oh… Hao Ren didnt ask any longer inquiries . He glanced from the back-viewpoint mirror on his facet and couldnt see Yue Yangs Ford ever again . When Hao Zhonghua decreased off Zhen Congming within the gate of LingZhao Basic Classes, Hao Ren who has been sitting in the pa.s.senger seat observed a bright Ford discontinued at LingZhao Center Education not not even close to them . Lively Zhao Yanzi acquired out of your whitened Ford and waved with the vehicle driver enthusiastically . Whoos.h.!.+ Hao Zhonghua begun his Ford and pa.s.sed Yue Yangs Ford . It absolutely was noticeable to Hao Ren that his mothers and fathers were in a freezing battle . About ten mins afterwards, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia towards the entrance of East Beach School . Thank you so much! Grandfather! Xie Yujia received right out of the motor vehicle and experienced just a little awkward . Dad, travel safe! Hao Ren said to Hao Zhonghua . I am going to! Hao Zhonghua waved at him before transforming the bright white Ford smoothly toward the course of your Water Study Inst.i.tute where he worked well . Standing prior to when the school gate, Hao Ren and Xie Yujia looked over one another with embarra.s.sment . Enables go . The very first cla.s.s is about to start! Xie Yujia said . Okay! Hao Ren turned instantly and strode into campus . Shoulder blades to shoulder joint, they went toward School Developing C with opinions analyzing on their own mind, but neither ones needed to discuss their thoughts with one another . The university streets was moistened and full of puddles . While they walked across the puddles, they discovered the reflections ones taking walks shoulder joint to shoulder blades in water . If its not convenient for you, you do not have to go and visit my mothers and fathers, Xie Yujia stated within a small speech . Oh! Its not like that, Hao Ren resolved hurriedly . There are several stuff that I havent advised them, Xie Yujia explained again inside a very low speech . One example is? Hao Ren asked tentatively . As an example, I havent instructed them i that you, Xie Yujia mentioned . Splas.h.!.+ Hao Ren stepped into a puddle . He turned to think about Xie Yujia and found her term didnt change . Im just kidding . My mother and father skip you as well . Xie Yujia quickened her measures and walked into School Developing C . Immediately after flicking the water off his boots, Hao Ren hurriedly moved into the Scholastic Setting up C after her . They walked upstairs on the 3rd flooring and moved into cla.s.sroom 312 . Their cla.s.smates experienced gotten utilized to experiencing them reaching cla.s.s collectively . Naturally, in everyones eye, Hao Ren was Xie Yujias partner, and they also had been an established married couple . There were clearly two vacant seats in the front row on the cla.s.sroom . Even if Zhou Liren who had been sitting in the last row waved at Hao Ren enthusiastically, Hao Ren observed Xie Yujia, and they also sat on the two bare seating at the front row . d.a.m.n! You neglect your friends when youre together with your fiancee! Zhou Liren muttered, dismissing the truth that he himself would quickly ditch his associates at the vision of wonderful young ladies . Pittpatter… It began to drizzle outside the cla.s.sroom . Students who got just came back through the Dragon Vessel Festival getaway were actually all worn out even though the trainer in the foundation was talking over the summing up for your closing assessment . Xie Yujia obtained Ma Linas remarks and began to clone them earnestly while Hao Ren searched up and listened very carefully . Soon after reaching Gen-amount, not merely his farming power matured, but his IQ expert a boost at the same time . He grasped every little thing the mentor mentioned even though the tricky systems with the mechanical areas got form on his imagination speedily . He just couldnt realise why Zhao Yanzi, who experienced hit Zhen-point and therefore was supposed to be a accomplished gal, could well be so inadequate in their own scientific tests . He attributed it to her inattention to her cla.s.ses . The only real appears on the cla.s.sroom have been the professors tone of voice as well as itching appears in writing as individuals needed remarks . Outside the house, the drizzle cleaned the debris over the plants and gra.s.ses, generating the red and natural green shades even more vibrant . Instantly, he kept in mind the inspectors token that he or she obtained tossed into his necklace . He had taken it without delay and fastened it with a string on his waist . Arrived at my office as soon as the cla.s.s has finished . Su Hans speech sounded abruptly . Ok! Hao Ren responded to right away . Other university students as well as educator viewed Hao Ren who obtained spoken suddenly . Ugh… Almost nothing . Hao Ren lowered his brain little by little . He was still not useful to receiving messages from Su Han over the expression . How was your holiday to Sixth Paradise? Su Han requested . How are you aware that I attended 6th Heaven? Hao Ren questioned in amaze . Not surprisingly, it was subsequently convenient to speak without beginning his mouth area, but he had a bizarre feeling as though Su Han was currently in his coronary heart . You think the Dragon G.o.d Shrine doesnt know all you do? Su Han stated coldly .   Hao Ren was shocked how the Dragon G.o.d Shrine still was aware his whereabouts soon after he assemble the token, similar to a system, into his storing s.p.a.ce that could disconnect nature essences and religious sensory faculties . It did actually have absolutely nothing related to the token . The cleverness group on the Dragon G.o.d Shrine experienced distribute to areas above 5th Paradise, as well as its capability in getting facts was remarkable . I merely appeared around on 6th Heaven . Precisely what are you undertaking? Hao Ren inquired . However effective the knowledge network was, Hao Ren considered that it turned out unable to enter the Ethereal Summit, which meant that the valley on Fifth Paradise was absolutely his confidential territory . Internet marketing consuming tea and cultivating, Su Han claimed . I see . Hao Ren could think about the scene of Su Han growing in the office . At a rainy day like this, Su Han would look especially charming though she sat in the windows . If its practical for you… Su Han out of the blue sounded uncertain . Are you able to request Xie Yujia for making two far more Elegance Capsules to me? You want them for someone? Hao Ren expected . For myself . They may be really powerful My skin area acquired simpler immediately after I took it, Su Han solved . Ugh… Hao Ren reduced his head in exasperation .
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“That’s excellent!” Granny nodded with pleasure . “Ren, you are a young person and should consume three not less than three zongzi!”
About 10 mins later on, Hao Zhonghua drove Hao Ren and Xie Yujia to your gate of Eastern Seashore Institution .
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“Tiny Bright white, arrive! You consume a zongzi also!” Grandmother get a tiny pan on to the floor and unwrapped a smallish zongzi before adding it into the pan .
Transmigration & Reverse Transmigration
“I recently looked around on 6th Paradise . What exactly are you carrying out?” Hao Ren requested .
“How was your holiday to Sixth Paradise?” Su Han expected .
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No matter how strong the cleverness circle was, Hao Ren believed that it turned out incapable of pass through the Ethereal Summit, which meant that the valley on Fifth Paradise was absolutely his personal territory .
“Come to my business as soon as the cla.s.s is finally over . ” Su Han’s sound sounded all of a sudden .
In the event it was halfway via the dumpling, it identified another thing furthermore meats!
“Oh…” Hao Ren hesitated . “Aren’t Yujia’s moms and dads quite busy with regards to their online business?”
“Ok…” Hao Zhonghua nodded with gratification . “I’ll get a couple of days off and select you . “
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“If it’s not practical for you, you don’t have to go and check out my mothers and fathers,” Xie Yujia said within a low voice .
“Ugh?” Hao Ren viewed Hao Zhonghua in astonish .
Shoulder to arm, they went toward School Developing C with ideas with a weight of on his or her mind, but neither of them planned to promote their views with each other .
“Fine!” Hao Ren resolved quickly .

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